Planning should be fun, even on the not-so-good days.


Hi! Keshia (quiche-uh) here, your friendly but outspoken neighborhood stationery babe! I'm 26yrs  old, an Army veteran and hold a BA in entrepreneurship. I love reading, star gazing and anything black & colorful. My favorite outings are going to animal parks and trying new restaurants with my girlfriend. 

The best part of owning a shop is being able to see my designs in your planner, making you happy to complete your matter how rocky it may be! I prefer to approach the day realistically and when you approach the day with colorful stickers to mark in those icky appointments or going to work--well, what can go wrong? Life isn't perfect; but I believe a little fun and color can turn any day around! Find me on other social sites:


What is the difference between processing and shipping times?
Processing time is how long it will take kGlam Co to process the order (fill and take your order to the post office). Ship time is how long it will take USPS to deliver your order after I've processed it, please note: I have no control over USPS shipping times.

Can you create custom sheets? Due to time restraints, I do not create customs from scratch. However, I am able to customize functionals that are already listed in the shop (color changes/custom sheet of a listed design). If you have suggestions for new items feel free to let me know through the contact form here or in the kGlam Co facebook group.