Words from A Little Spark

Hi there! Keshia (quiche-uh) here, your colorful A Little Spark owner. I'm 29yrs old, an Army veteran, and hold a BA in entrepreneurship. I love k-pop, stationery, reading, designing art, star gazing and all things black & colorful. 

The best part of owning my business is being able to see my designs in your everyday life, making you happy to go about your day..no matter how rocky it may be! 

Life isn't perfect, but I believe a little fun and color can turn any day around! My brand is a direct reflection of me: I don’t want to just sell stationery, I want it to help my customers—I want it to make them smile. There were times I didn’t have anything to look forward to; Stationery didn’t fix my life or make things perfect, it didn’t help me sleep. However, unique stationery gave me something to smile about as I went on about my day.

Think of A Little Spark as a noun. It’s something that occurs inside of you when you need it the most. It’s what keeps you going, it's what makes you go harder for your dreams. I’ve found my spark and I hope you can hone in on your spark, because after all: you just need A Little Spark to create your fire 🔥