Stationery should be a fun escape, even on the not-so-good days.

About A Little Spark

Hi there! Keshia (quiche-uh) here, your colorful A Little Spark owner! I'm 26yrs old, an Army veteran and hold a BA in entrepreneurship. I love reading, star gazing and anything black & colorful. My favorite outings include trying new restaurants and walks.

The best part of owning a shop is being able to see my designs in your planner, making you happy to complete your matter how rocky it may be! I prefer to approach the day realistically and when you approach the day with colorful stickers to mark in those icky appointments or going to work--well, what can go really wrong? Life isn't perfect; but I believe a little fun and color can turn any day around! Find me on other social sites:

My brand is a direct reflection of me: I don’t want to just sell you planner stuff, I want it to help you—I want it to make you smile. There were times I didn’t want to plan anything and had nothing to look forward to—and stickers didn’t remove a toxic person, it didn’t lower the cost of lumber @ Home Depot, it didn’t help me sleep. But pretty stickers gave me something to look forward to when I opened a planner full of sucky plans.

I want you to think of A Little Spark as a noun. It’s something that occurs inside of you when you need it the most. It’s what keeps you going, makes you go harder for your dreams. I’ve found my spark and I hope like hell you can hone in on your spark because after all, you just need A Little Spark to create your fire 🔥