• Location: Aurora Colorado
  • Paper: Professional grade, soft matte (use any pen)

Contact: sales@alittlespark.co // turnaround time unless stated differently in the header is 1-2 business weeks

Mailing address: PO Box 13, Gloster, Louisiana 71030


Can you tell me about the subscription, Spark Subs? See Spark Sub FAQ here.

What is the difference between processing and shipping times? Processing time is how long it takes A Little Spark to process and take your order to the post office. Ship time is how long it will take USPS and international couriers to deliver your order after ALS has shipped it. Please note: A Little Spark has no control over how long your order takes to arrive, once it has been shipped.

Can you create custom sheets? ALS does not create custom sheets; but it is possible to request a personal customization for icons or functional stickers that are already listed or created (color changes/custom sheet of a listed design). If you have suggestions for new items feel free to let me know through the contact form here or in the A Little Spark group. 

Do you offer wholesale? Yes! See wholesale info on Faire or send an email to sales@alittlespark.co

My order tracking shows "In Transit" for awhile now, what's next? Sometimes orders can be stuck In Transit for over 4 weeks. If tracking does not update within this time frame, please contact me and we'll work on a solution.