Stationery should be a fun escape, even on the not-so-good days.

Guide to A Little Spark

Hellooo. Are you new around these parts? No worries, I got you <3 Here's everything you need to get started on your magical sticker journey at A Little Spark.

  • Location: Aurora Colorado
  • Paper: Professional, soft matte (use any pen)

New releases can always be found in the Latest Releases section. You can shop some products using the labelled buttons on the main page. If using a mobile device or phone, the three lines in the top left corner will lead you to all product categories.

All collections have original, custom-drawn art with designs and ideas you'll only find here at A Little Spark. These 14+ collections have 20-30 options to choose from between stickers and accessories. These are permanent collections, please note sometimes the collections page needs to be refreshed to load all 14+ collection previews (we're working on fixing this!). 

Available for short periods of time throughout the year, curated collections feature art not exclusive to A Little Spark. These are very small, temporary sticker-only collections.

Product offerings


  • Full kit: 7 sheet sticker kit (no white space layout or multiple weeks worth)
  • Mini kit: 4 sheet sticker kit
  • Teeny kit: 3 sheet Hobonichi cousin kit
  • Freestyle: most collections have two journaling sheet options
  • Monthly sticker kits: designed to work in different planners: B6, Hobonichi cousin, Large (various 7x9" planners). Original art monthly kits are released every few months. These kits do not have the month printed on them. Purchase the white or transparent monthly sticker sheet to use any design, any month.


  • Deco sticker sheets
  • Printable sticker kits with sil cut files + pdfs
  • Sticker packs of 8 - 10 stickers
  • Sticky notes and notepads, blank and list versions
  • Vinyl Waterproof stickers for notebooks, laptops, bottles, etc.
  • Keychains, acrylic pins, enamel pins
  • Soft magnets and acrylic magnets
  • Notebooks and mousepads


Spark Subs have a different home away from A Little Spark main website. This is a 4-option, monthly sticker shipment. It auto-renews and arrives at the end of each month. See for more info.

There's also a digital version of Spark Subs: Digi Spark, a printable kit with the same original art found in Spark Subs. These are available here on the website, previous Digi Sparks are available at all times. New Digi Spark becomes available at the beginning of each month.

Products produced in-house do not go out of stock. The only in-house produced products are sticker kits and sticker packs, these are both printed on white, soft matte paper you can use most pens on. Once printed, sticker pages are kiss-cut on one of several machines and then die-cut into individual sheets. When ordering oops or grab bags, you may receive single stickers printed on transparent matte sticker paper.

All other products are designed and sent out for manufacturing, these are subject to sell out at any time.

I, Keshia (hi!), run A Little Spark as a solo person. Processing times change depending on my order queue and available inventory, current timeframe can always be found at the top or bottom of each page. 

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

If you ever need assistance or want to see more A Little Spark, send an email to and/or follow ALS on other platforms: